Artwork Requirements

What format should I send? The ideal format is EPS which can be generated using Adobe Illustrator CS2: Click Here for a Free 30-day Trial Version. The file should be high-resolution Black & White Vector Art. It is also important you 'Create Outlines' around all type - this will protect the integrity of your artwork in the event that we do not carry your font(s). Don't worry that the file is not in the color you want - you will just need to tell us which imprint color(s) you want, by description, or by PMS number. What if I don't have an EPS file? There are still some options - the second most acceptable format is TIFF - the file still needs to be high-resolution Black & White Vector Art though (at least 300 dpi). Where do I send it? E-mail your EPS or TIFF file to Please be sure to include your Invoice or Cart # in the subject line of your e-mail. What if I don't have either? Email the artwork you do have and Brown Dog Marketing can turn most artwork into the proper format and size for a small fee. PMS color matching is available on many of our items (add'l charge may apply).

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